Thai Massage In Cork The C.Spa Way

Thai Massage TechniqueIt has been a long winter and we have treated many clients with our Thai Massage Techniques. Mostly these where people who suffered from nagging painful aches in their body. They seek to relieve their symptoms and are drawn to the ancient art of Thai Massage.

Due to the prolonged cold weather joints had been acting up, old injuries and general aches and pains where surfacing. At our boutique Thai Massage centre on Princes Street we saw an increase in clients who where the victims of this long cold winter.  After listening to their plight we advised, talked through and gave thought to how best to treat them.  Many then sought strong traditional thai massage to help ease their pain while others needed our relaxing hot oil massage, a useful treatment for calming nerves and also rejuvenating the body.

We had many questions about Massage Therapy and it’s benefits and we sought to answer them not only in words but also in our practice. Our Thai Massage In Cork Services continue for the summer months and we hope to ease the pain for many of you and help you get on with daily life.