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Authentic Thai Massage In Cork From The Kingdom Of Siam

Thai Massage Cork Wat Po

Wat Po Thai Massage School In Bangkok

At C.Spa Thai Massage in Cork we are committed to giving you the best professional Thai Massage Treatment available in the City. At our boutique Thai Massage Centres  our  staff are all fully qualified graduates of Wat Po Thai Massage Medical School In Bangkok.  They have achieved  qualifications in both Traditional Thai Massage and Thai Oil Aromatherapy techniques.

Wat Po is the number one centre of excellence and learning in Bangkok, Thailand for native Thai nationals wishing to perfect their skills. Before coming to Ireland our team have practiced, meditated and prayed here for many hours and it is here that they will have learned how to fuse their own family styles and techniques to the central core of practice of Wat Po.

At Wat Po they will have honed their craft handed down through generations to a new level and be well on their way to being established and eventually respected practitioners of the ancient art of Thai Massage at both home and abroad.

Here at C.Spa we have brought these ancient Thai methods to Ireland, so if you are considering Thai Massage in Cork today why not choose C.Spa and be safe in the knowledge that you can completely relax in the hands of a well skilled Thai National.