Rehydrate At C.Spa Thai Massage Cork

Lady In Thai Spa Drinking A Glass Of Water

Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and avoid dehydration.

So you have finally decided to have that well deserved massage at C.Spa Thai Massage Cork. Well this week couldn’t be a better time to try Thai Massage for the first time or if you are one of our regular clients, book in for a treatment.

Last week and this week saw unprecedented weather in Cork causing a feel good factor, but also bringing tiredness and lethargy to many of us. If you have been cooped up in the office or shop or fighting the heat in the city now could be that time to take some time out and come and relax with us.

Our Therapy rooms are a great place to chill out, relax and let the outside world and the hot bustle of the city drift by.

We must stress that especially when the weather is hot like this that you remember to rehydrate. Have a Juice or Mineral Water before your massage and after you receive a massage be sure to drink plenty of water. This is not only to rehydrate you but when you have a massage toxins are being released from your muscles into your body.

To flush toxins out of your body we recommend drinking the right amount of water. Right after you have a massage and in the first hour be sure to drink at least two glasses of water. Then as the day goes on try and drink another eight in a 24 hour period.