Speak Thai to us at C.Spa Thai Massage in Cork

Thai Massage Treatment

Relax and let the world drift by

When you are receiving your Thai Massage Treatments there is absolutely no reason to speak if you don’t feel the need to. We know some of you prefer to just lie back and drift away so please feel free to let your thoughts be at one with the moment.

After all, C.Spa is a relaxing Treatment house. House in Thai means ” Baan “.

During your massage our therapists will frequently ask how you are feeling to make sure everything is going alright for you so when one of our therapists asks you “ how you are feeling ? ” and you feel good, you might say ” Dei “, Dei means good. If you are feeling really good then you could say ” Dei Mak ! “, pronounced “ Dei Ma ! ”, which means much good !

If you feel that too much pressure is a being applied then you could say ” Mai ” which means no or if you want the Massuese to slow down just say “ Cha Cha ” which means slowly. If you are feeling really relaxed and you are asked how you are then say “ Sabai Dei “ which means I am relaxed and contented. Find Out More About C.Spa Thai Massage Treatments In Cork