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December Thai Massage In Cork


Keep Warm This Winter In Cork

It’s freezing – Don’t we know it. We also know, like us, you like to keep warm in this cold month. Besides from wrapping up to keep warm what else can you do? Well, think about it, our cozy Thai Massage Boutique at number 39 Princes St is a great place to spend some me time away from the frozen streets of Cork.

In Winter, Your joints may begin to stiffen up or the extreme cold may prolong pain to your muscles. Our Thai Massage treatments can help aleviate those symptoms.

Remember, Our Cozy rooms are meant for you to relax in and feel the benefit of Wat Po right here in Cork. For an hour or more you can escape the cold harsh reality of the Irish Winter and drift away with us as we help you to recovery. After your treatment you will be amazed at how Thai Massage has benefited you. You need to try it to believe.

Just call for an appointment and we will be only to happy to answer any questions about the type of Thai Therapy you might require.