Traditional Royal Thai Massage

Image Of Royal Thai Massage In CorkAt C.SPA in Cork our Traditional Royal Thai Massage is an authentic deep tissue treatment, which is excellant to relieve muscle stiffness and stress. This particular Thai Massage Treatment improves flexibility which will make your energy last longer and give your body an overall sense of well-being. This is one of our most popular treatments as it helps the body return to optimum performance.

The following are some of the many benefits of Traditional Thai Massage.

  •     Stimulates internal organs for self healing
  •     Increases flexibility and range of movement in your muscles and joints
  •     Eliminates muscle spasms and muscle pain
  •     Allows for a therapeutic release of deep, emotional distress
  •     Improves your postural alignment
  •     Calms nervous systems, promotes a deep sense of calm increases your energy level
  •     Stimulates blood circulation, detoxification and lymph drainage
  •     Relieves painful joints, fatigue, swollen limbs, and headaches

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