Thai Herbal Massage

Herbal Massage Wraps

Thai Herbal Massage Ball is one of the traditional massage tools which has been widely used since the ancient time. It helps to relieve muscular aches and strain. It also energizes tired muscle after strenuous activities. With essential relaxing properties from herbs, the steamed massage ball can stretch ligaments and reduce muscular soreness, bruises, and joint stiffness. It also promotes healthy blood circulation. Being comprised with more than twenty types of herbs, for example, Plai which can actively serve in reducing muscle sprain and bumps Tumeric oil can solve skin problems as well as firming and soothing skin. Kaffir Lime will decrease dizziness, Cryptolepis Buchannai Roem can lessen the strained muscle and result in mind relaxation. Moreover, the bumps and bruises will be healed by Curcuma Aromatica Salisb. Patchouli and Camphor will relieve symptoms of the cold and re-vitalize the heart veins. Also, you will feel more relaxed with the soft scent of lemon grass.

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