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Get Thai Massage In Cork For A Lower Price

Thai Therapist Massage TechniquesGet the benefits of Thai Massage In Cork for a lower price this June. We are offering our 1 hour Thai Massage or Thai Oil Massage for just 35 euro to our deal members. That’s 15 euro savings on our regular price for our treatments, all you have to do is sign up for our deals here

So if you have muscle tension at the moment or a looking to try Thai Massage then this is a good time to make an appointment at C.Spa

Our fully trained Wat Po Thai Therapists from Bangkok will help you maintain a healthy body by using our deep muscle tension techniques. So why not give us a call and chat about the treatment programme that might be right for you.

Soothing Hands This September At C.Spa Thai Massage In Cork

Thai Hands Soothe BodyThai Massage can benefit you by relaxing you, improving your blood circulation,  increasing your energy, reducing stress, gaining flexibility and can also improve
your range of motion and centre the mind and body.

Here at C.Spa Thai Massage Cork we use our soothing hands to but what Thai Massage is right for you?

Ok, lets see if we can explain this quite simply: You may have heard that Thai Massage
is very strenuous and the more pressure on your body the better, while that can be
true for some clients others require a softer touch.

For example, if you are under a lot of stress or just want to chill out from the noise of life then our Thai Oil Massage Treatment is a great way to calm you. However if you have tight muscles that need to be worked on then our Traditional Thai Massage is the massage treatment for you.

When you call for an appointment ask our therapists more about the services we offer and what one might be suitable for you.

Ease Cold Related Muscle Pain In Cork

View Of Thai Massage Treatment RoomIt’s been a long winter and although the sun is starting to reappear it’s still cold. Are you suffering from cold related muscle pain? Well, Thai Massage can help alleviate the symptoms – Feel free to call us and speak to one of our Therapists to discuss what treatments are right for you. Or if you are ready to book now we will make your visit to our Boutique Thai Spa on Princes Street just right for you. Call Now for appointment